Webinar: JAS-ANZ Futures Program

Are you working in the product industry in Australia or New Zealand?
Are you passionate about your industry?
Do you want to build confidence in the market for your products?

As consumers, we all have expectations about the safety and quality of the services and products we purchase. In today’s world, environmental impact and sustainability are also driving our buying choices. Certification gives consumers confidence in the products and services they purchase, ensuring the right checks and systems are in place at all levels of manufacturing and service supply chains.

This webinar will introduce the JAS-ANZ Futures Program, an exciting opportunity commencing in 2023 for emerging experts in the product manufacturing industry. The program provides opportunities to network virtually with peers, and learn about conformity assessment, as it relates to products. This comprehensive training program will cover conformity assessment and the ecosystem, standards and schemes, accreditation and certification. This professional development program is valued at over $8,000 and is provided free by JAS-ANZ.

This webinar is suitable for people in the product industry interested in undertaking the program, managers who have team members that would benefit from this professional development opportunity and any other interested parties.

The Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) helps markets work better by providing internationally recognised accreditation services that create economic benefits.

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